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v. Annette Johannesen 


After working for more than 20 years developing programs of activity, rehabilitation and dementia care for old people in Danmark and Japan, and after 11 years of research and information building at the Danish Knowledge Center of Aging/Institute of Gerontology, I have opened this website to present my writings, lectures and projects. 


Social welfare in Denmark  

November 16th 2012 a conference was held in Treviso, Italy with participation of Annette Johannesen. 


Read a short introduction to the Danish wefare system, residential settings and care for persons with dementia  here >>



ABLE wins the "Poster of the Year 2012"

The poster ”How to remain active with dementia” using the method "Lifestyle Redesign", was chosen as the Poster of the Year at the annual Dementia Days 2012 in Copenhagen, May 2012.

See the poster (in Danish) here >>

Read about the Lifestyle Redesign Method here>>




ABLE presents three lecture topics in English:


When I get old

A lecture about healthy ageing for senior citizens +60 years of age

or for professionals who work with arranging activities and health promotion of old people. Click for more information


Continuation of an active lifestyle with dementia

How can people with early stage dementia continue an active lifestyle with preferred cultural

and leisure activities? Introducing an evidence based method: Lifestyle Redesign. Click for more information


How to cope with and understand violent and aggressive behaviour due to dementia (BPSD) in Nursing homes?

In the lecture Annette Johannesen will tell about the work of a group of Danish specialists, hired by the Ministry of Social Affairs who offer consultation for local nursing home staff, dealing with patients who become angry and violent as part of their dementia. 

Click for more information










Annette Johannesen


Handbook published 2011:

"Growing old and...?

About healthy ageing


Click here for English translation 




Successfull Ageing

See my dissertation about older people coping with changes in their daily life here >>


Video documentation

See my small video ”Exercise in Old Age” - filmed in Lisbon - about elderly people and the advantages of going outdoor every day here >>


Recent Projects

In Copenhagen a project about successfully moving into a nursing home through close cooperation between relatives, the new resident and the staff has been tried out.




  Annette Johannesen   -   Lille Eng 3A,1   -   5700 Svendborg   -   Mobil 2142 7485   -   aj@able.dk

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