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Very severe dementia

v. Annette Johannesen 

Many municipalities offer places in day-homes for people with dementia, who find it difficult to manage alone all day. Families may also benefit from temporarily having their sick member stay in a nursing home to give themselves a rest.


An example is shown in the pictures  from the care centre Lindehaven, in Ballerup by Copenhagen. The inside as well as the outside environment is specially arranged to suit the needs of dementia patients, and the care staff are all specially trained for the job. Some persons stay there in a fixed schedule of e.g. one week a month.      


Activity and treatment

Reminiscense, music, song, dancing, aromatherapy, massage, dolls, balls, baloons, clowns, gardening and out door visits.


PARO - the robot seal

In Denmark, certain dementia wards have been testing the use of Parao - a fine imitation of a real living seal cub. It is warm and soft and reacts to touching. If for instance you press it too much, it will whimper, and it will purr when fondled. If you forget to give it impulses – that is talking to it, fondling it, etc – it will also make a sound and open wide the big, dark eyes with long lashes and look accusingly up at you. 

This seal may stimulate initiatives and doing something active. Thus, it is a fitting alternative to just sitting alone in a place and not doing anything. This way it may be a positive element in the everyday life of persons with severe dementia, but it will not – ever – be able to replace the care staff.

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In a terminal stage, the person with dementia might not be able to communicate or to move around the care must focus on non-verbal communication and of sensory cues.







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