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Special care units

v. Annette Johannesen 

In the last decade there has been an increasing recognition of the role of familiar, active environments in increasing well being and reducing disruptive behaviour in dementia.


All over the world, “small group living” replaces nursing homes in dementia. 


In the review, it is questioned, whether the ideas of the modern dementia environments are practised with success:

Have the staffs’ attitude changed and do the residents experience more social interactions and well being compared to their former life in big institutions?

Out of the review, three key results were identified: 

 Understimulation and occupational deprivation is still present in the daily life of residents with dementia


 Staff - resident interaction is largely restricted to physical care with minimal social interaction 


 Physical environment solely is not a guarantee for well-being and social interaction 



Annette Johannesen: "Influence of staff attitude on the social interaction of people with dementia living in a residential setting". 

See assignment, Module on Evidence Based Practice in Occupational Therapy, QMUC, MSc in OT here>>;

Tables here>>



Exploration of social interaction among residents in Special Care Units. See abstracts here >>




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